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Bronzeville Watch Company 

Be on Time. Be well Dressed.


Bronzeville Watch Company, founded in 2019 by owner, Terrell Scott Sr., is a watch company designed for the client with exquisite style and taste. Bronzeville Watch Company produces character timepieces while paying homage to the historical community of Bronzeville in Chicago. Famed for their love and symbolism of culture, rich history and quality, Bronzeville Watch Company was developed as a response to return back to the roots of black entrepreneurship.  

 Bronzeville, also known as the “Black Metropolis” is the center for African American history on Chicago’s south side. In 1916, the great migration occurred when African Americans left the south in droves for Chicago with the promise of opportunity. However, when they arrived, they were faced with more oppression and segregation and forced to live in an isolated area, Bronzeville.  

 Always known for their resilience, blacks thrived in Bronzeville. The community flourished with business, culture, film, art, jazz, blues, and live performances. Bronzeville was home to many famous African-Americans, including Gwendolyn Brooks, Richard Wright, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Ida B Wells, and many more.

 In 1947, Terrell Scott’s grandmother moved to Chicago for opportunity after her husband drowned back in Arkansas. His grandfather had also migrated to Chicago after leaving Mississippi. The two met in Bronzeville and developed a new life and the rest is history.

 For 10 years, Terrell Scott Sr. desired to start a watch line. He believed there was no one in the lane, especially blacks. For three years, he researched the industry and in the Spring of 2019, Bronzeville Watch Company was born. He chose the style and technology of watches made in 1947 to manufacture as timepieces. However, the essence of providing quality timepieces wasn’t enough for Scott. It was important to honor the ancestors and tie in the legacy and community of Bronzeville. Two of the rules established for Bronzeville musicians were, “Be on Time. Be Well Dressed.” Those rules hold truth for the brand and are the slogan for Bronzeville Watch Company.